Special E-mail to Chris Windsor- volunteer with the Fergie Jenkins Foundation




April 20, 2018

Thank you for the work the foundation does and the fantastic autographed chair from spring training 2018.  It was an honor to win the raffle, take a picture with Fergie, and most importantly share that experience with my 5 year old daughter (see picture). Although, she does not know that pain of being a lifelong Cubs fan, she has enjoyed celebrating the teams success in her young life and for me that is something I cherish. Having this chair that helps commemorates that experience is truly special and I know it will become a family heirloom. Seeing my daughter’s reaction when it arrived was a special moment that I treasure.

I know the work of the foundation promotes sports, family and humanitarian need and in this case I can say it accomplishes 2 of 3. My family is fortunate to have what it needs, but sharing my life long goal of seeing the Cubs win with my daughter was the 3rd happiest day of my life – this char memorializes that along side the picture of my father and my daughter under the marquee. (I had the honor of meeting Fergie at the White House in January of 2017, in a less personal way, March 2018 was personal and special.)

Thank you for this memory and memento – and of course your good work.

Respectfully and with admiration,

Go Cubs Go-

Ian Dubin